NetKeeper help desk software, CRM software and Network Management and Inventory Software
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Features and Benefits

NetKeeper Help Desk Captain is a modular, fully scalable, Web enabled help desk system.
Additional NetKeeper modules can be added at any time.
NetKeeper Help Desk Captain is available in standard and SQL versions.

  NetKeeper Help Desk Captain Benefits
  A fully integrated ready to use system right out of the box. No special training is necessary.
  Thin client design- installs only on the server for easy maintenance
  True multi user, multi tasking program. Open many screens at the same time.
  Update and add techs while the help desk is in full operation
  Modular and scalable system
  Quick click - One click call entry - enter partial name or company: NetKeeper retrieves complete contact information
  Reduces support time. One screen - easy access to all information:contacts, previous calls, assigned inventory
  Customer management features such as training, updates or company mailing list and more.
  Active directory/Exchange integration**
** SQL version
  Reduces staff involvement Self service support with the user entry portal
  Advanced security options to control access screen by screen to the database for each staff member
  "Drag and drop"** or easily add file attachments, graphs, hyperlinks, documents

  NetKeeper Help Desk Captain includes:
  Complete Service Call Management
  Manages high call volume quickly and easily
  Maintains a complete call log history for each contact of calls, solutions,work orders, assigned staff and more
  Tracks all service requests
  One click quick access to solutions for service calls
  Fastsearch - text, keyword search for service calls, solutions and more
  Customizable fields on forms and lists**
  User definable fields
  Builds meaningful statistics of all calls
  Fully integrated with inventory, LAN audit information, user information & more
  Tracks equipment history including location changes, tax, leasing and purchase information
  Tracks equipment and parts costs and charge back rates for work orders
  Tracks product history for external support **
  Pre-defined default priorities for customers, end users and organizations

  Contact Management
  Tracks contacts by company, site or department
  Groups contacts in one or more mailing, training, call back, update or other lists.
  Classifies your customers by one or more keywords.
  Automatically tracks and retrieves customer calls, notes, To Do’s, service calls, products and training.
  Tracks customer satisfaction . Feedback for training options, equipment needs and more.

  End User Portal - the Self Service Help Desk
The LAN end user portal is included with the program. The Internet portal is an add on.
  Handles and responds to a high volume of service requests.
  Takes pressure off the help desk staff. Lets reporting users enter, watch the progress of their calls and look up solutions.
  "Free form" service request entry
  Configurable and customizable
  Automatic work order creation and tech notification
  End user access to SolutionsKeeper for self service and Top FAQs

  Tech Internet Portal**
** SQL version
  An add-on, Techs have the same level of access to the help desk on the Web as on the LAN.

  Knowledge Management SolutionsKeeper - knowledge tree
  The objective of any help desk system is to solve user requests as quickly, as easily and as efficiently as possible. SolutionsKeeper lets you resolve many service calls quickly. The more you use SolutionsKeeper, the more pertinent and valuable the solutions and information becomes.
  Automatically generates Web pages with SolutionsKeeper data for techs and ustomers **
  Automatically generates different Web pages for customer and tech access
  Automatically generates Top FAQs to Web**

Displays LAN inventory in "real time" for easy access on service call and contact forms

  Automatic Dialer
NetKeeper will dial the customer for you.

  Purchase Order with Inventory control
  Easy access to all purchase orders and tax and leasing information.
  Tracks pending & closed purchase orders
  Builds searchable purchasing history
  Customizable form - add company
  Automatically moves received items (even partial receipts) to inventory
  Allows entry of new vendors & items while creating purchase orders
  Allows unlimited line item entries on purchase orders.
  Tracks vendor information

  Tech Notification E-MAIL & PAGING
  Easy to set up and use paging system and e-mail system
  Automatically pages or e-mails the assigned technician
  Activates when a call of predefined priority is entered
  Requires only one modem for the entire NetKeeper paging system.
  Send alphanumeric pages from any computer on the LAN

  Standard reports and graphs* for service calls, work orders, purchase orders, customer information, customer satisfaction, inventory and LAN inventory.
  Fully customizable reports with powerful report writer using any fields in the program.
  Customizable graphs**, Multiple sort orders, filters etc
  View reports via Web**
Groups service issues, contacts, technicians into one case
Also used from project management

** SQL version only

Installation Requirements