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Easy to install and maintain
NetKeeper CRM's innovative thin client/ thin program design both on the WEB and on the LAN makes for easy installation and maintenance. Businesses have the best of breed in NetKeeper and can use the richer Windows® LAN interface with its superior speed and multiple window and lookup displays and at the same time have all the data, available through a WEB browser.

The entire application is server based with no dlls installed or overwritten on the user's computer. NetKeeper CRM interfaces with Microsoft OutLook® and other mail clients to merge the mail information into the business development data. NetKeeper's innovative and practical approach keeps all the business development data in one database that can be shared through the LAN, WAN or WEB.

Windows 9.x, NT 4.0 or 2000, XP
Server: MS SQL - minimum requirements
Minimum CPU: Pentium 100 A super VGA monitor. 19" or 21" - NetKeeper is multi-tasking and can display multiple cases at the same time