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NetKeeper software evaluations are the real thing,
You can test NetKeeper software in your own environment, at your own pace. If you have questions, you can request tech support by phone at
Telephone:800-532-4862 ext 2115 or by email at

Or view the Top FAQs that are generated automatically by NetKeeper Help Desk software to our Web site

If you have questions about which product is best for your needs, email us or call our sales line at
Tel: 800-532-4862 ext 4242

We strongly recommend that you download the documentation
NetKeeper programs are rich in features that may not be obvious unless you read the documentation. 





NetKeeper CRM for SQL
A powerful, enterprise solution -
NetKeeper CRM automates day-to-day tasks for sales, customer service, marketing, field service, help desk and call centers to give superior support and to increase sales opportunities and to improve customer relations.

Request NetKeeper CRM


NetKeeper Help Desk Captain for SQL
Complete help desk solution and cost effective with prices starting at $899 .
NetKeeper Help Desk Captain software is
scalable, integrated and ready to use right out of the box.  NetKeeper uses thin client technology and installs only on the server for easy maintenance and updates

Request NetKeeper Help Desk Captain SQL


NetKeeper Express
Automatic LAN inventory of hardware and software.
NetKeeper Express works across the Lan or the Wan to audit hardware and software on the workstations.  The program will also audit stand-alones.  NetKeeper Express Integrates with NetKeeper Help Desk Captain and NetKeeper CRM in “real time”. The data does not have to be imported.

Download for free (first 30 node LAN audit) NetKeeper Express







 NetKeeper Internet Customer Self Service Portal
NetKeeper Internet provides customers and end users with easy, intuitive and secure access to the service center, allowing them to open, view, modify and watch the progress of their service requests. NetKeeper Internet lowers the number of calls to the help desk and increases customer satisfaction.
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NetKeeper Internet Tech Portal
The NetKeeper Internet Tech portal provides technicians with complete access via the Internet to the help desk to enter and update contact data, retrieve, update and close service calls and to access all the information available in SolutionsKeeper to solve service requests
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Return on Investment Calculations for NetKeeper

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