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NetKeeper Help Desk Captain is a "thin client" that is installed only one time on your server, not on your workstations.
Document ID : 000-000596 Created:12/18/2000 Last changed on:12/18/2000

You only need to install the NetKeeper Help Desk Captain executables ONCE on your network server.

Create a shortcut on the user's workstation to run the program from any workstation on your LAN or WAN.

1- Map one drive to run NetKeeper Help Desk Captain and use the same drive mapping on all workstations.
2- Make sure that the "Start In" field in the shortcut points to the same directory as the target exe file defined in the shortcut.
3- You can create mappings on the fly by executing a script from the shortcut.
4- You can also start the program by double-clicking on the NetKeeper Help Desk Captain executable: nkhdcap.exe

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