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Re-installing NetKeeper programs
Document ID : 000-000829 Created:12/15/2003 Last changed on:12/15/2003
Applies to : v1x,v2x,v3x,v4x,v5x,v6x,v7x Windows and WEB interfaces

All NetKeeper programs are "thin programs" no NetKeeper software is installed at the workstation. Software is only installed on your application or WEB server. The application server can be as simple as a shared drive on any network server.

No program entries are made to the Windows system directories or to the Windows registry.

Just cut and paste (using Windows Explorer or equivalent) the NetKeeper folder if you need to move NetKeeper to a new server.

Run the NetKeeper installation program and re-install over the existing NetKeeper folder if you do need to re-install the program.

Note: Backup your NetKeeper folder before re-installing the software.

Note: Delete all EXE and DLL files from the NetKeeper folders before re-installing if you suspect that one or more program components are damaged. Removing all EXE and DLL files will ensure that you will install a consistent program set.
Deleting all EXE and DLLs in the NetKeeper directory (folder) is recommended when upgrading to a newer version.

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