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Check Portal program runs as an exe program from the command line
Document ID : 000-000922 Created:11/29/2004 Last changed on:11/29/2004

The best way to run the broker is to use the ISAPI version of the broker.

If you have not completed the setup of the ISAPI portion please see p24 of the
broker pdf (55ab.pdf). Please note that this setup works with the default port
(80). This port should not be changed until the setup is working correctly. In
reality there is no good reason to change this port unless your WEB server
setup so requires.

Once the ISAPI dll and rights are setup, then test the following URL :
(more information on page 15 of the Tech Portal manual)

Once the Application Broker is running, to run NetKeeper Internet from a browser, provide
a Uniform Resource Location (URL) in the following format:
where hdtechp.exe is NetKeeper Internet executable file name and nnn.nnn.nnn.nnn is
your IP address (make sure to add a dot zero (.0) after the executable name), or

Do not forget the "0" (zero) at the end of the URL.

If this still does not work run the tech portal as a local executable to test
the SQL connectivity:

*Log in to your webserver as the internet user (this is the user that the web
server also uses)
*start the hdtechp.exe from the command line. (Open a command box, move to the
folder where the tech portal is installed and type hdtechp.exe) You can also
start the program from Windows Explorer (not Internet Explorer).
*If the program will still not run it is probably due to a rights problem in
accessing the SQL database. This must be solved before you can access the
program from the internet.

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