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Damaged or corrupt data files on legacy systems

Rank Suggested Solution
1 Update to a SQL database system.
2 Repairing ISAM (file server based) data files
3 Running CSRT on a CLARION data file
4 Repairing data corruption on ISAM file systems from NT workstations.
5 Microsoft Novell client for Windows 95 and the redirector may damage multiuser files
6 Disable "Opportunistic Locking" or "Op locks" at servers and workstations
7 Use locktest.exe or similar utility to test network data sharing in real time
8 Data integrity notes on multiuser systems - Server based shared files
9 Opportunistic Locks - Tech Bulletins from Microsoft
10 Damaged data file, run CSRT on the file
11 Unable to run CFIL, CSRT or CSCN utilities on a data file
12 Damaged data files or tables and data is missing

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