automatic e-mail response and processing software
and marketing manager cuts the cost of running a customer service center


Why do you need an automatic e-mail processing system?
An automatic e-mail processing system is a necessary component of customer relations and technical support. The current market can no longer sustain companies who fail to respond to e-mail in a timely matter. Whether it is for purchasing inquiries or for technical help, the customer deserves a rapid response. When e-mail is treated as a high priority both the company and the customer win. Current trends have created a market where automatic e-mail systems are no longer an option for doing business but a strict requirement. Customers expect that all companies in today's market can provide complete and accurate answers in no time. Without automatic e-mail responses, customers will feel unacknowledged and doubt the company's ability to meet their needs.

Respond to high volumes of e-mail quickly to provide superior customer service.
NetKeeper HD Mail lowers support costs by automatically responding to customer requests without staff intervention and provides easy to define routing and queuing rules to forward messages a to the correct assigned staff.

Control e-mail marketing campaigns
NetKeeper Help Desk or CRM software includes the functionality to administer mass e-mail campaigns to customers or potential customers. NetKeeper HD Mail sends personalized automatic response message to a customer when an e-mail message is received.

NetKeeper HD Mail to automatically creates customer records and generates service requests.
Automating customer request handling lowers processing costs and improves customer support and satisfaction. NetKeeper HD Mail automatically scans incoming mail into specific mailboxes based on pre-defined rules and auto responds to the incoming e-mail with messages keyed to the type of incoming call. The program creates and manages requests originating from WEB forms or e-mail. NetKeeper HD Mail automatically converts requests into service, literature or other customer requests and sends back intelligent responses. The program can be used as a stand-alone system or integrated with NetKeeper CRM and Help Desk software. NetKeeper HD Mail provides another method of requesting service for your organization. Customers, prospective customers or employees can send e-mail to specific addresses and the system will automatically create the appropriate request. The system notifies staff via e-mail or alphanumeric paging. New service requests entered via NetKeeper HD Mail will process in the same manner as service requests entered by a tech, or by a user via the LAN.

NetKeeper automatically sends alphanumeric pages to staff for service requests of predefined high priorities
NetKeeper HD Mail attaches the entire e-mail message in the user's own words to service calls created by the HD Mail program. Technicians can re-assign or modify the service requests created by NetKeeper HD Mail. The Help Desk can also receive e-mail automatically generated by CGI forms (or similar) that end-user fill at the company WEB site. NetKeeper HD Mail has the necessary capabilities to process the incoming e-mail and create the correct service request, a new or updated customer account or even to create an auto response with suggested solutions. The NetKeeper Help Desk e-mail processor will periodically use your MAPI e-mail client to retrieve new e-mail messages into the message database. The e-mail processor will then process all new e-mail and apply the e-mail rules created with the Administrator module.

NetKeeper HD Mail supports multiple e-mail addresses.
Each address can correspond to a different request type to provide the necessary flexibility to handle the many types of incoming requests that customers or employees may have. The system can also trigger follow-up actions to the customer request such as literature request or follow up calls. The program allows different mailboxes for tech support, RMA support, information requests or any other type of e-mail requests and for service requests with different priorities.

NetKeeper HD Mail supports predefined business rules.
The program is intelligent and handles existing business rules, such as priority levels, even if there are conflicting priority requests. . Any e-mail or alphanumeric paging rules that have been set up in the Help Desk program will trigger the appropriate e-mail or page.

NetKeeper HD Mail Software Integration
NetKeeper HD Mail seamlessly integrates with NetKeeper Help Desk and CRM software and can also be used as a stand-alone system. NetKeeper HD Mail creates service requests or sales leads from incoming e-mails and automatically responds by message type.

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