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Features and Benefits

NetKeeper HD Mail automatically scans incoming e-mailinto specific mail boxes and creates intelligent matching service requests based on predefined rules.
NetKeeper HD Mail makes customer service centers more productive and efficient.

Because of NetKeeper's sophisticated automation and its artificial intelligence system to process incoming e-mail messages to the support center, customers can send e-mail to multiple addresses within the system. NetKeeper HD Mail automatically creates service requests or sales leads based on the type e-mail received and automatically responds with the correct message type. Using intelligent business rules set up by the service center administrator, the system automatically assigns the service request to a tech or service queue. Customer service reps with different skill levels can handle different message types.

NetKeeper responds automatically with a message based on the type of incoming e-mail
End users receive immediate feedback. The program sends the appropriate response based on the type message received.

NetKeeper HD Mail automatically notifies techs or sales staff via e-mail or alphanumeric paging.
Techs will receive work orders and sales staff will receive sales leads as they are received into the NetKeeper system.

NetKeeper HD Mail supports multiple e-mail addresses.
Each address can correspond to a different request type. This provides the necessary flexibility to handle the many types of requests your customers or employees may have.

Different mail boxes for service requests with different priorities are automatically assigned to support staff.
The system routes incoming messages based on any part of the e-mail message such as type request or from customer information previously stored in the NetKeeper customer database. The incoming e-mail requests appear the same as service requests entered by the staff in the NetKeeper Help Desk and CRM programs.

NetKeeper HD Mail automatically attaches the service request to the correct customer account
The staff view the customer's record of previous requests and resolutions. The technicians can reassign, modify, send e-mail responses or close the service requests created by NetKeeper HD Mail.

NetKeeper HD Mail creates and attaches the entire e-mail message to the service request or the business opportunity
The staff can read the request in the user's own words.

NetKeeper HD Mail archives the incoming e-mail
E-mail is archived in database format to keep track of critical information, such as customer histories, messages in different queues and categories and the number of messages processed per day and per agent.

NetKeeper HD Mail is an important tool for the business management team.
The information collected by NetKeeper, available historically and in "real time", is useful in making business decisions market trend detection and product development.