NETKEEPER Mobile Help Desk

NetKeeper Mobile increases the efficiency
of your service desk and technicians.





The management trouble tickets involves the creation, assignment and resolution of problems.

The NetKeeper mobile interface to your NetKeeper help desk or CRM database enables your technicians to receive and update tickets at any time from anywhere to give your customers the assurance that they are receiving optimum service. The goal of NetKeeper Mobile is to facilitate quick response time.

Support Center Requirement
IT Technicians require a constantly up-to-date ticket queue in order to be efficient and provide courteous, complete and reliable responses to incidents and requests.

NetKeeper Mobile PDA application provides technicians with the capability to receive ticket notifications, resolve and create tickets at all times - right from their handheld PDA device.

NetKeeper Mobile integrates tightly with the main NetKeeper help desk console database application to extend incident management and problem management directly to your mobile technicians. NetKeeper Mobile can be continuously connected or occasionally connected to your main help desk system. The unconnected capability frees your technicians to work efficiently right at the point of action and to automatically merge data once connected again.

  • NetKeeper Mobile provides the ability to access, create, and update incident and tickets from a mobile device for complete control over your processes.
  • Technicians can enter data from PDA devices, allowing movement directly from one site to another with no loss of time, enabling better customer service
  • NetKeeper Mobile dramatically reduces costs and improves customer retention by providing the ability to create,and to access and close tickets.


  • Fast deployment - quick and easy to install
  • Easy to Use
  • Affordable - cost effective mobile solution
  • Seamless Integration - integrates seamlessly with NetKeeper Help Desk and CRM software


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