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Multima Corporation is a privately held, debt free, U.S. corporation that was founded in 1984 to develop small computer accounting systems software and industrial applications software for industry, business and government.  The company is dedicated to the research and development of PC software systems.

In its industrial applications division, Multima Corporation has developed software systems in plant management and in the field of robotics. Some of Multima's industrial software systems are used in automobile plants sequencing robotic arms, in food processing plants and in the startup sequencer of electrical power plants.

Multima Corporation business software division has specialized in the development of software systems for business such as: networking systems, help desk systems, accounting and inventory systems. Over one million NetKeeper software licenses have been sold worldwide.

In 1989, Multima Corporation presented its first commercial software package, NetKeeper® Configuration Manager. The program was the first on the market to audit hardware, software and the actual configuration files of each workstation and to maintain a library of configuration files for automatic re-installation across a network.

Other programs have followed: NetKeeper Help Desk Pro, NetKeeper Express, NetKeeper Purchase Order Module, NetKeeper Help Desk Captain, NetKeeper Internet, NetKeeper CRM and NetKeeper HD Mail.

In 1991 at NetWorld in Dallas, Multima Corporation introduced NetKeeper Help Desk Pro, a distributed, multi-site, multi-user help desk program that was the first to offer separate site access by maintaining separate file sets. NetKeeper Help Desk Pro, originally a custom application developed for a multi-national oil company, remains a powerful help desk application for organizations that must service sites or various departments within an organization.

In January 1993 at NetWorld in Boston, Multima Corporation introduced NetKeeper Express, a moderately priced quick and easy to use software and hardware inventory program.

In July 1997, Multima Corporation introduced NetKeeper Help Desk Captain, a ready to run help desk solution for the small to medium sized organization. The program offers an all in one help desk solution for the small to medium sized organization.

In recent years, Multima Corporation has released NetKeeper Internet portals for techs and for customer self service.

NetKeeper HD Mail - an automatic e-mail processing system to receive and direct messages to the support or sales center, also sends intelligent responses based on the message received. The program is a "must have" for e-mail sales and marketing campaigns,

Multima Corporation remains on the cutting edge of software development and improvement of help desk, CRM and network software.



"NetKeeper Enhances Call Center Productivity By Giving Mobile Technicians Seamless Access To Help Desk, CRM Software"

"The application (NetKeeper Captain CRM) maintains its thin client design both on the WEB and on the LAN"

"Multima's NetKeeper Help Desk Internet Captain is the best I've found yet. This powerful tool is so rich that I know I've only scratched the surface of what it can do." - Mike Avery

Windows NT Systems
"Express is a great asset-and program-tracking manager."

Call Center Magazine
"NetKeeper ... lets reps support customers from anywhere in the world they can use a computer."

Computer Telephony Business Neurology 101 "All NetKeeper products harmonize with each other — so combine away."

Apple Developer Connection News DEVNEWS
"By installing (NetKeeper Help Desk Internet) with Help Desk software, the help desk staff can give customers and employees access to end-user tracking of service calls, auto escalation .. and access to SolutionsKeeper ... for quick problem resolution. The main database runs on a Windows NT-based server. Macintosh users can access the database or enter service requests from any Java-enabled browser."

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