A complete help desk software solution for both external and internal support

Service Call Form
with dynamic address book
for rapid call entry


Contact Form
for customer or
internal support


NetKeeper Help Desk Captain is a complete, affordable, scalable, integrated and ready to use software solution to improve customer and employees satisfaction. NetKeeper can be used for internal employee support and external customer support or both! NetKeeper will help you to support your customer and employees. NetKeeper is a highly automated, easy to use software application that will handle all your help desk operations and provide you with better support and increased customer satisfaction. NetKeeper Help Desk Captain will easily access all the information you need to service a customer from one easy to use screen yet NetKeeper is powerful enough with multi-tasking abilities to meet peak demands when the help desk is under stress.

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NetKeeper help desk software allows:

    Staff to prioritize and manage all help desk work orders
    Reduces high call volumes with automation tools
    Your employees and customers to access the Web Self Service Portal at anytime, from anywhere
    Employees and customers to check the status of work orders they've submitted online
    Employees and customers to find solutions in SolutionsKeeper knowledgebase Administrators to evaluate help desk service to improve efficiency and performance

Complete help desk - no extras to purchase
NetKeeper Help Desk Captain includes e-mail, alpha paging, SolutionsKeeper, automatic top FAQ generation, auto call assignment, auto priority assignment, Supercase for complex issues, optional assignment of a case to equipment instead of the caller, automatic MS Mail Merge and more.

NetKeeper is easy to customize and does not require programming expertise. The resulting changes will migrate to the next version of the software.

NetKeeper Help Desk Captain is scalable. You can add technicians, modules such as NetKeeper Internet or HD Mail or scale up with no loss of datato NetKeeper CRM to add your sales staff to the system,

Maintenance Free
NetKeeper uses thin client technology and installs only on the server for easy maintenance and updates.