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automatic LAN inventory of hardware and software



NetKeeper Express Automatic LAN Inventory Features and Benefits Chart




Monitors and centralizes Inventory Information

NetKeeper centralizes all the information about your Personal Computers and related assets. There is no need to worry about multiple (and often conflicting) databases or duplicated information. The is the most significant benefit of NetKeeper Express. 

Automatic inventory of your PC workstations or server hardware

NetKeeper builds a database of hardware characteristics such as identification, accessories installed, memory, processor, processor speed, services running and much more. 

Automatic inventory of software installed on your workstations or servers

NetKeeper builds a database of the software and operating systems installed on your PCs or servers including version, publisher, uninstall methods and serial numbers for some packages. 

Ensures software license compliance and detects unauthorized software

NetKeeper reduce the probability of fines or problems related to license non compliance. Provide audit reports to any vendor on request 

Keeps book inventory and links to automatic physical inventory. 

Books inventory can track peripherals such as keyboards, printers and modems. Track any asset such as desks, trucks or other items.

Asset management including financial, purchase order and administrative information.

Manage your assets from one database.

Track lease costs and periods. 

Avoid costly end of lease penalties by returning leased laptops on time.

NetKeeper is not an agent or TSR program.  NetKeeper does not have hidden files that take up space on the workstation.

NetKeeper installs no software on the workstations or servers being audited. There are no changes to delicate configurations, no changes to the registry or Windows directories.

Flexibility of audit features.  Schedule the audit to run as often as you want it.

Overloading the network with constant audits takes away expensive bandwidth.

Audit LANs or WANs

Audits just about any network configuration.

Audits can be scheduled. 

Solid system.  Audits can be interrupted (power  failure, machine reset) without data loss. 

Avoid frustrating moments caused by a damaged database during an audit.

Fully multi-user program.  Open an unlimited number of consoles while you audit stations and print reports, all at the same time.

No need to stop on-going audits or ask users to stop working. No wasted time.

Audits all types of networks and even mixed versions.

Helps you build a full inventory database.

Ready to run reports or you can make custom reports or ad-hoc queries using the Crystal Report Writer (not included) or your favorite reporting tool. 

Flexibility of reports.

Build any report or graphics you need or use the built in reports to produce the information management needs.

Fully relational database. 

The NetKeeper database is kept in a SQL system so you can easily query the data, export or import data. 

NetKeeper is an open system.

Registered users can request the complete data dictionary to integrate NetKeeper with other applications. 

Real time integration with other NetKeeper programs.

All NetKeeper program modules exchange data in real time. The efficiency on an internal help desk improves when up-to-date data  is available.


Bar code interface (optional)

Make your physical inventories faster and more accurate. It is much faster to check barcoded inventory than getting under desks to check the tiny serial number labels. 

Powerful yet low cost. 

NetKeeper Express is very cost effective and provides a very fast ROI.

Isn’t it worth a few dollars per workstation to have a complete inventory of hardware and software? NetKeeper licenses are about the price of one good cup of coffee per PC. 

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