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Knowledge Management Solution to Solve Support Center Issues

Solve Service Calls as They Occur with SolutionsKeeper™
The objective of any help desk system is to solve user requests as quickly and as efficiently as possible. First level personnel should be able to handle all but the most complicated calls. By using NetKeeper's unique SolutionsKeeper™ feature, the knowledge tree that grows more useful the more that it is used, you will be able to resolve many service calls and problems as they occurl. The more calls that are solved immediately means the more efficiently your help desk will function. SolutionsKeeper's unique design allows you to retrieve a vast amount of information quickly.

Let Customers and End Users solve their own issues
SolutionsKeeper automatically maintains a list of the Top FAQ's (frequently asked questions) and send the list to the WEB for end users and techs to use to solve issues. You can also give customers WEB access to SolutionsKeeper. Only the solutions and issues that you have released will display on the WEB. The support team has access to all information in SolutionsKeeper.

Easy Access
You can access SolutionsKeeper from the Service Call screen while entering the call. SolutionsKeeper will automatically save each solution that was applied to a request. The same solution can be attached to several requests.

You can select a standard request from the request list. SolutionsKeeper will list the most likely solutions for the request and automatically link them to the call. In this way, you can give the reporting user the information needed to solve the service call problem, immediately. SolutionsKeeper will automatically learn each solution that was applied to a request.

Rate the Solution
Once you have selected a solution for the call, you can rate its effectiveness. By rating the solutions, you are effortlessly teaching SolutionsKeeper your knowledge and creating a useful knowledge base for the help desk. The solutions are listed so that the most often used or most highly rated solutions appear at the top of the list.

The more you use SolutionsKeeper, the more pertinent and valuable the solutions and information in it will become for your company.

Add a Direct Reference to a URL, Document or Data File - Drag and Drop
SolutionsKeeper attachments can directly reference a URL (Universal Resource Locator) or a word-processor file, spreadsheet file or data file.

You can also attach a document that requires a specific program to display the document, for example,a Microsoft Word document or a URL.

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