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Automates work order assignments, re-assignments, tech notification and call escalation  



NETKEEPER HELP DESK SUPERVISOR is a sophisticated intelligent management tool that displays information on the help desk system and monitors the progress of the help desk calls.

The program automates many features of Netkeeper CRM, and NetKeeper Help Desk Captain
to improve the response time of the help desk staff.

NETKEEPER HELP DESK SUPERVISOR acts as an electronic monitor for call escalation to insure that each call is serviced efficiently to help you meet your help desk service goals and increase the efficiency of your help desk. NETKEEPER HELP DESK SUPERVISOR prevents calls from "falling through the cracks", by insuring that all calls are handled in a proper and timely manner. The program's exceptional flexibility allows you to determine who gets notified, when a call should be escalated when a call should be re-assigned and the information to be conveyed.

NETKEEPER HELP DESK SUPERVISOR scans all open service calls in one or in all defined service call queues.
The program uses rules that you define for the call priority and the service call queues to be scanned. You can apply rules to each case to escalate the call's priority or to perform other actions such as to create a new work order to transfer the case or re-assign the call to a different tech.

All actions performed by NETKEEPER HELP DESK SUPERVISOR are recorded in the help desk log in detail
with all notes pertaining to each call. NETKEEPER HELP DESK SUPERVISOR summarizes the calls so that at any moment, you can view how many calls remain open, the total number of calls in the system, the number of calls open or closed today.

NETKEEPER HELP DESK SUPERVISOR operates automatically once the program is installed.
The program gives you the flexibility to customize the functions of NetKeeper Help Desk and CRM programs for your individual help desk.


  • Logs all actions performed by NetKeeper Help Desk Supervisor in detail
  • Automatically scans open service calls in one or many service call queues
  • Summarizes the calls - at any moment
  • Displays the total number of calls in the system or the calls open or closed today
  • Operates automatically

The Supervisor lets you....

  • Customize the program functions for your help desk requirements
  • Define how the program will operate for you:
    automatic call escalation priorities
    automatic notification criteria of the service call sets to be scanned and the information to be conveyed
  • Apply rules to each case to escalate the call's priority or to perform other actions such as
       create a new work orders
       transfer or reassign a case to a different queue or to a different tech.