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Importing Existing Data into the Users File

SUMMARY : Steps to import data into either the HD users area or the NK users area. Both areas are used to store data about system users.

NetKeeper© Help Desk Pro stores user data in the file USERS.DAT. How this file is used depends on how you have setup your service call sets. (See your Help Desk Pro manual for more information about service call sets).

A service call set defines where your service call and "Assign To" user HD data are located and where your inventory data and system user data are located. The "Assign To" users are personnel that can be dispatched to solve problems. The system users are all the company’s employees that you support.

The two basic ways to setup your service call sets are :

To setup your Help Desk Data and Inventory data in one directory :

To setup your Help Desk Data and Inventory data in separate directories :

If NetKeeper reports errors on opening the new set

Open your CONFIG.SYS file

Add or modify the statement FILES=85

Save thte modified CONFIG.SYS file

Modify your Network shell to increase the number of Network file handles

For Novell® networks:

Locate the NET.CFG file and add or modify the line FILE HANDLES = 150

Note that in CONFIG.SYS there are no spaces around the "=" sign but spaces are needed in the NET.CFG file.

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