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Solving Windows™ Setup Problems

SUMMARY : The WINDOWS environment can be complex to setup, specially if the work station includes CD ROMS, sound cards and network interface cards. This bulletin outlines suggestions to avoid the dreaded Windows GPF (General Protection Fault). The GPF are generally caused by memory conflicts where either two applications attempt to use the same memory space or one application tries to use the wrong memory area.

Most of the suggestions offered here are found in the Microsoft® Windows™ Resource Kit for Operating System Version 3.1. PN 0501531V310 and the Microsoft Windows Windows for Workgroups Resource Kit PN 2071531V311. The resource kits include a book and companion diskettes and are invaluable references to solve Windows setup problems. The resource kits are available through Multima Corporation and in many bookstores.

If you encounter GPF errors while running Windows and NetKeeper® try:


  • VSHARE.386 should be in your windows SYSTEM directory
  • SystemROMBreakpoint=FALSE 

  • in the [386Enh] section of SYSTEM.INI
  • VirtualHDIRQ=OFF 

  • in the [386Enh] section of SYSTEM.INI

  • Tip : To check that you do not have a video memory conflict, exclude the entire video area and test. You need to exclude the range A000-CFFF, for example :

    DEVICE=d:\WINDOWS\emm386.exe x=a000-cfff NOEMS 

  • note that there is no ":" after the C

    This syntax disables the write cache but maintains the read cache.

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