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Error 5 Access Denied

SUMMARY : How to diagnose and correct faults related to the DOS error 5 - Access Denied.


Error 5 - Access Denied error indicates that your program cannot access a file or a record within the file. Some times you may also get the "Can’t open <filename>" error, where <filename> is the name of one of your data files. This is the same error as "Access Denied". Several problems can cause the "Access Denied error ":


1-Test to see if the file is available to you.

From the DOS prompt, use the DOS COPY command to copy the file to a temporary directory. If the copy is successful then you can access the file. If you can’t copy the file then:

2-If the copy was successful, then the file has an internal record lock. A server or workstation crash while NetKeeper is updating files will prevent NetKeeper from resetting the record lock. To clear the record lock run the CSRT utility on the file.

3-.If the problem persists you may need to check the settings for SHARE or VSHARE. NetKeeper does not need either but your window’s setup may require them.

Share and VShare are used by DOS and Windows™ to implement multiuser usage of your data files. Use VShare whenever possible. Vshare is automatically installed by MS Windows for Workgroups™ and by MS Office products.

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