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Tech Bulletin - 1074


Summary: This technical bulletin describes the steps required to update a NetKeeper data files.

Data files require updating if you are installing a new version of your software or if your NetKeeper program returns error number 47 (invalid data file or database mismatch).

The steps required to convert a data file are:

1-Backup the original data files

2-Run the CFIL utility to update the file

3-Test the update

1-Backup the original data files.

Navigate to the directory where your NetKeeper data files are installed and save files with extensions DAT (the data file), MEM (associated text files) and K* (index files).

For example. If you are updating the file SCMNK, save SCMNK.DAT , SCMNK.MEM and SCMNK.K*

Note: SCMNK.K* means all files that match SCMNK.K for example SCMNK.K01, SCMNK.K02 or SCMNK.K03.

2- Run the CFIL utility to update the file.

The CFIL utility is a program (CFIL.EXE) located in the directory where you installed NetKeeper. Steps to run the conversion:

This example updates the file SCMNK, replace SCMNK by the name of the file you are converting 

Move to the directory where the NetKeeper Captain is installed

start the CFIL program


 Note: Dictionary names for each program:

NKFILES.CLA for NetKeeper Express, NetKeeper Configuration Manager, NetKeeper Purchase Order, NetKeeper barcode, Netkeeper Help Desk Pro.

NKCAP.CLA for NetKeeper Captain

 Note: If you get "FILE NOT FOUND" and you are in the correct directory,

then the file has never been created. Leave the input file field blank

and enter SCMNK in the OUTPUT field. This will create a new file. 

Repeat the process for each of the files you need to update

3-Test the update.

Start you NetKeeper program, if you get ERROR 47 invalid data file, another file

needs converting (just use the process above).

Note: converting a file twice will do no harm.

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