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Tech Bulletin - 1075

Using the NetKeeper Shell

Summary: This technical bulletin describes the NetKeeper Automatic Inventory Shell. The NetKeeper Shell provides a means to prompt for required information before starting an automatic audit. The NetKeeper Shell can also run the automatic inventory programs.

Requirements: Windows® 3.x, Windows NT or OS/2. Memory requirements : same as the operating system. Will run in a minimum configuration OS.

Note : The NetKeeper Shell is available in both 16bit and 32bit versions. WEB help links are only available in the 32bit version.



There are two basic methods to start the NetKeeper Shell:

From the login script or NETSTART batch

You can run the NKSHELL program from your system login script or NETSTART batch. See Tech Bulletin 1073 for details. On Novell® networks, you can use either the "#" (execute command) or the EXIT command to run the NetKeeper Shell.

From Windows Explorer or the command line

Double click on NKSHELL.EXE to run the NetKeeper Shell from Window’s Explorer or just type NKSHELL (enter) from the command line.

Customization options:

The NetKeeper Shell can be customized in many ways. You should setup your NetKeeper Shell to fully automate the collection of required data and to automatically run the automatic audit collection utilities (HARDADT.EXE, CFGADT.EXE and SOFTADT.EXE). The following items can be customized:

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