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How to make a report using the equipment and financial data

1- Create a database that includes the files EQUIP.DAT (the equipment file) and the FININFO.DAT (financial data file).

2- Join the fields EQP:EQUIPID (from the equipment file) and FIN:SysID (from the financial info file)

3- Create a report using the new database

4- Use the CHOOSE area to filter the FININFO records to only records where FIN:EntryType = ‘E’. This is very important. The FININFO file contains data for the equipment file, the peripheral file and the software file. Filtering for FIN:EntryType = ‘E’ accomplishes this requirement.

To enter the filter :

5- Testing the link. To insure that the link is operating correctly, create a test report. The test report should include the following columns :

Variable Format Description
EQP:EQUIPID n_6 Unique Equipment ID
EQP:TYPE s30 Equipment type, to check the data
FIN:SysID n_6 Link to parent record
FIN:EntryType s1 Link to parent record


Equipid Type FIN:Sysid Entry Type
111 GATEWAY 2000 4DX2-66V 111 E
64 GATEWAY 2000 4DX2/66 W/PENTIUM 64 E
1 IBM AT MOD 5170 1 E
2 PCAT 286 OR PS/2 50/60 2 E
6 PS/2 MOD 30 6 E
96 GATEWAY 2000 4DX2-66V 96 E
25 AT MODEL 239 6MHZ. 30M 25 E
28 LASER 386SX/25 28 28 E
30 IBM AT MOD 5170 30 E
42 PS/2 MOD 70 20MHZ. 42 E
45 386 CLONE 45 E
46 GATEWAY 2000 4DX2-50V 46 E
48 GATEWAY 2000 4DX2/66 W/PENTIUM 48 E
55 PS/2 MOD 70/386 55 E
121 PC XT 121 E
81 COMPUDYNE 4DX/33 81 E
151 151 E
156 156 E

The above is an example of the test report. The important check is that the EQP:EQUIPID matches the corresponding FIN:SysID and that the entry type is always E.

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