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The NetKeeper Internet Tech portal provides technicians with complete access via the Internet to enter and update contact data, retrieve, update and close service calls






 NetKeeper Internet runs on all browsers. There are no ActiveX or loaded components required.

Complete Access to the Help Desk
By using the company Internet or Intranet, companies can use their technical staffs more efficiently. Technicians are never out of touch with the main help desk either within the company or out in the field. The help desk staff does not have to track down technicians to update them on incoming service requests. The help desk is more efficient and less chaotic.

Access to SolutionsKeeper for effective support
SolutionsKeeper provides additional functionality: it automatically generates WEB pages with your SolutionsKeeper data (it also creates WEB Top FAQ pages also). Techs can view these WEB pages directly from anywhere. Your end-user can also see this data or you can easily create a separate set of WEB solution pages for your end users.

Techs can also carry laptops with the entire database loaded (the thin client advantage), update the data and then merge the modified data back.

Requires no additional training or software distribution
The same screens displayed on the LAN are displayed on the WEB simply because it is the same executable that is run in both cases! NetKeeper requires no software installation either at the LAN workstation or at the remote user (except for a JAVA® enabled browser). This is zero administration operation and will provide a Help Desk with an efficient and cost effective Help Desk.

To access NetKeeper Internet, users simply point their browsers to the URL where NetKeeper Internet is installed. Note: The WEB interface can also be customized to support non standard WEB devices such as WEB phones, PDAs and similar devices.

NetKeeper Mobile
Tecnicians have all the features of NetKeeper Tech Portal in a hand held - PDA system to receive and to update tickets.