NETKEEPER Thin Client

WEB based versus LAN based software

NetKeeper implements WEB functionality using the same executable to access the Help Desk from the LAN or from the Internet or Intranet, thus maintaining the same user interface and similar speed in all modes.

Many companies move to the WEB to get a "thin client" system, one where nothing is installed on the PC, without considering that the WEB browser interface can be slower and have fewer features than a Lan based system. NetKeeper's thin client technology offers a good solution that maintains the speed of the LAN interface on the WEB . NetKeeper's software both for the LAN and Web installs only on the server not on the workstations. A shortcut is used to access NetKeeper from a workstation. Both NetKeeper for the Lan and for the Web use the rich Windows GUI. This is a very good solution for a LAN help desks because the system implements thin client technology without requiring a WEB browser.

NetKeeper also offers native WEB technology that can be used on the WEB only or in a mixed WEB/LAN mode. The mixed mode offers the best advantages of the Window's GUI interface while allowing remote users full use of the WEB browser.

NetKeeper requires zero software administration.
NetKeeper's thin-client technology simplify software updates. There is no software installation on the end user's workstation for either the Lan or the Web.

Maintainance and updates are done from the server quickly and effortlessly since all NetKeeper software is server based.