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NetKeeper CRM integrates sales, marketing and superior help desk support and provides real time communication links across your enterprise via the LAN and WEB at every level to meet all aspects of your present and prospective customers needs.


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Gain the Competive Edge
NetKeeper CRM software empowers staff at every level with up-to-the-minute information and in-depth customer and product knowledge for quick and accurate problem resolution and greater sales and marketing opportunities.

Low Cost of Ownership
Large companies are not the only ones that need a good CRM solution. NetKeeper helps you increase customer satisfaction and deliver excellent return on investment.

Complete Help Desk and CRM solution
NetKeeper CRM help desk and sales software creates a closed loop seamless flow of information from the help desk to business development, marketing and sales.

NetKeeper CRM keeps all the business development and help desk data in one database.
The data can be shared through the LAN, WAN or WEB.

NetKeeper increases profitability
Let Netkeeper CRM help you increase customer satisfaction, shorten sales cycles, improve efficiency, and increase revenue. NetKeeper CRM has the solutions your company is looking for to allow full automation of many day-to-day tasks for customer service, sales, call center and marketing.

Customer support via WEB
Reduces staff involvement and help desk costs
Customers can use the self service features of NetKeeper to enter and follow the progress of requests and to look up information to solve their own requests with access to SolutionsKeeper and the Top FAQs.

Tech Access via the WEB
Mobile Access for Staff
Technicians have access to the help desk while working off site to update and close calls and make new service requests. Technicians can work from a locally stored database when they are unable to connect to the WEB. The program will automatically synchronize the data with the main help desk.

NetKeeper CRM automates customer service to the highest level
The included NetKeeper HD Mail program automatically processesincoming e-mails into service or sales requests. The program also automatically sends responses based on the type request. NetKeeper HD Mail is a valuable tool to take control and sort customer responses to marketing campaigns .

Who needs a complete and reasonably priced CRM solution more than the small business?
Traditionally CRM software solutions have been targeted large businesses - companies that can afford staffs to write reports, hold endless meeting to discuss customers and prospective customers and to plan and coordinate company actions. Small businesses need a good and reasonably priced CRM software solution to coordinate all aspects of the sales and customer service even more than large businesses.

Customization Services
NetKeeper CRM is sold as a "shrink wrap" program. However, it is also highly customizable and adaptable and can be changed to fit the business models for a variety companies. For smaller customers, we recommend just changing the field pictures and labels, setting up the service call selection order and Internet access - a job they can do easily on their own. For larger installations, we offer analysis and customization projects at a higher level.