automatic LAN inventory of hardware and software

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Start today to monitor and audit hardware and software on your network. You will see for yourself what a valuable tool NetKeeper Express is for managing IT assets.

You can purchase additional licenses to monitor any size network.

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Automatic LAN inventory of hardware and software

  • Audits automatically across the LAN
  • Audits stand alones from CD or diskette
  • Maintains detailed hardware and software inventories, automatically
  • Monitors software installations to reduce licensing costs and maintain compliance
  • Audits unlimited number of nodes (computers)
  • Maintains book inventory of peripherals, office equipment and other assets
  • Allows linking book inventory and audited data
  • Tracks leases, purchase service contracts, SLAs, depreciation, vendors and more
  • Audits and stores network configuration information such as CPU, OS, ROM BIOS, memory, drives, mouse, video cards, operating system serial numbers and more.
  • Attaches equipment to end user for service (requires NetKeeper Help Desk or NetKeeper CRM)
  • Integrates with NetKeeper Help Desk Captain and NetKeeper CRM in "real time"
  • No TSRs
  • Integrates with NetKeeper bar-code software
  • Thin client program - installs only on the server to audit the network.

NetKeeper Express allows you to:

  • Plan upgrades and maintenance
  • Quickly respond to audits
  • Control costs of software and hardware, leases and service contracts
  • Extract business intelligence through reports and queries
  • Discover unmanaged or unknown components on the network


Overall view of inventory

Hardware tree